DublDom Dagestan
Rest on the shore of the Caspian Sea
Comfortable rest on the coast of the Caspian Sea
Izberbash, Republic of Dagestan
In the distance from the city bustle on the sandy shore of the Caspian Sea there are three typical DublDom, equipped with everything necessary for an excellent beach holiday. The verandas of the houses are directed towards the sea, which allows you to enjoy a beautiful view and observe the beautiful sunrises.
3 modern houses
Two houses are DD43, one is DD65.
DD43 is designed for 6-8 people, DD65 - 10-12 people.
Sauna complex
Fee - 5000 rub/day.
Bathroom with shower, bath accessories, air conditioning, comfortable furniture.
Hob, refrigerator, microwave, dishes.
Free wi-fi, satellite TV.
Individual courtyard, fontanel, garden swing, brazier, children's corner, chaise lounges, outdoor bathroom.
Facilities on the beach
Umbrellas, sun beds, sports equipment.
Parking space
You can not worry about the safety of your car.
DD43 ~ 6000-8000 * rubles / day
DD65 ~ 8000-10000 * rubles / day
* The exact cost of living depends on the selected dates and will be formed when booking.

Check-in 14:00, check-out 12:00
Visiting rules
Observance of the following rules will make your holiday pleasant, and the life of people and nature around you is calm:
1. Protect the property of the Complex, including those transferred to you for temporary use.
2. Smoking, lighting candles in homes can not.
3. You can use alcohol, but we ask you to limit yourself to a reasonable measure.
4. Listen to music quietly.
5. Do not litter both inside the house and outside: the surrounding nature is part of the place where you are staying.
6. In the period from 23-00 o'clock till 08-00 o'clock, observe silence and do not cause inconvenience to other guests and visitors of the Complex.
7. Do not leave unaccompanied minors unattended.
8. Do not take actions that may cause harm to life and health for yourself or for other guests living in the territory.
9. The car is requested to park in a specially designated area.
We wish you a great holiday!
How to book
1. Read the rules of the visit.
2. Fill in the form below.
3. After receiving the application, we will contact you to confirm the reservation and send the payment details *.

* The club reserves the right to refuse to live.
What's around
Be sure to visit the picturesque places of Dagestan.
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+7 964 021 35 51
Izberbash, Republic of Dagestan, Russia
GPS: 42.513968, 47.915998