What to visit when vacationing in Dagestan:
The fortress of Naryn-Kala
The Derbent fortress was the defensive construction of the Sasanid state, the city of Derbent. This city needed defense because of its close location with the sea, the population was afraid of disembarking enemy troops ashore, so the fortress was erected. Naryn-Kala translates as "The Locked Gate". Historians make the assumption that it was built under Alexander the Great.
There is a fortress at an altitude of 300 meters, surrounded by strong walls, throughout the territory there are towers.
Naryn-Kala is an amazing place, it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, the dungeons of this fortress store many stories and events of the past years.
Lake Kezenoy-Am
The location of this lake in the mountain range at an altitude of more than 1869 meters above sea level. This is the southern slope of the Andean ridge. This is a very picturesque place, on all sides the lake is surrounded by mountains and rocks, around it grows a large number of the most diverse vegetation. Kezenoy-Am is considered a property and a landmark not only of the entire Caucasus, but of the whole of Russia because of its beauty.
The water level in the lake depends on the amount of precipitation falling in this area. The water in the lake is very cold. The temperature varies from the time of year and the depth. So in the summer on the surface of the water about +18 ° C, and at a depth of only eight. This area is saturated with sun and pure mountain air.
The valley of Lake Kezenoyam is an ideal holiday destination for those who like climbing mountain peaks, divers and simply those who prefer to relax in nature, enjoying its gifts.
Sulak canyon
Sulak canyon by right is considered the most real miracle of nature. The canyon takes its beginning in the mountains, where the Sulak River cuts the mountains in half. The mountain river is divided by Salatau and Gimrinsky ridge. The depth of the Sulak canyon is 1920 meters.
The Sulak canyon consists of several canyons, each of which is unique in its own way. One of them has a length of about 18 kilometers. In some places you can see the wooden beams crossing the canyon, but you still have to wander around carefully, as you can stumble and fall down.
Mount Shazbulag
The highest peak of the Main Caucasian Range, the height of Shalbuzdag is more than 4000 meters above sea level, and from the top of the mountain there are picturesque views of the whole neighborhood. On the slopes there are many beautiful flowers. In this area, the zone of alpine and subalpine meadows prevails, therefore such vegetation.
Every year, from July to the end of August, many Muslims make pilgrimage to the top of the Shalbuzdag mountain. On all the way they are provided with food and the opportunity to spend the night, even you can buy a sacrificial lamb, which in a special place will be sacrificed.