DublDom Kandalaksha
Ultimate cohesion with nature
White Nights and Northern Lights in
primordial nature

3 away from Kandalaksha, 40 min. walk
DublDom-Kandalaksha is a tourist shelter for those who like walking tours and ski-tours. The shelter is located on the hillock from which you can see the view of the White Sea gulf and unique Northern nature.
The house can accommodate up to 8 persons.
Bathroom with shower and bio toilet. Facilites depend on the seasons.
Gas stove with 2 burners, sink, cooking table, dishes.
Connection with the world
Cellular connection. Mobile Internet 3G.
You can charge your devices using solar panels or generator.
Descent to the lake and the fireplace.
30 meters away from the purest lake.
Vitamins under your legs
Blueberries and lingonberries can be found in tundra.
Northern nature
Carpets made of reindeer moss, coniferous forest, beaches and cliffs on the seaside, white nights and northern lights.
Parking place (1,5 km), snowmobile track, boat mooring (3 km).
Active leisure
Winter and summer walking trails, ski-tour, skiing (freeride), snowmobiles, yacht regatta.
Services for tourism
Snowshoes and trekking sticks for rent, guide services, ski slope with a lift (2,5 km), snowmobile transfer.
1-4 persons— 6000 RUB/night,
5-8 persons - 8000 RUB/night

check-in 13:00, сheck-out 11:00
Visiting rules
Observance of the following rules will make your recreation enjoyable and the life or surrounding people and nature calm:

1. Volosyanaya hillock is the habitat of rare birds and plants that were included in the Red Book so it is important to take care of the nature:

- make fires only in designated places;
- do not litter, do not pollute the water;
- try to stick to existing paths, do not trample down reindeer moss ;
- stick to the track while using snowmobile;
- the ATVs on the hillock are forbidden.

2. Be advised that, apart from the birds, you can see brown bear, they usually avoid contact with people but can be attracted by the smell of the food.

3. Our tourist shelter is a place for those who like ski-tour and walking tours, noisy parties and celebrations will be more appropriate in other places.

4. Alcohol is allowed but it is better to confine oneself with the reasonable amount.

5. Please take care of the property of the shelter including things given for a temporary use.

6. Please observe the safety procedures while using generator, gas burners, heater, water water pump and wood stove.

7. If you do not know how to use any of the equipment of the tourist shelter, please call us and we will show and explain.

8. Do not leave minors unattended.

9. Please remember that ice on the lakes and in gulf is thin in spring and walking on it may lead to a tragedy.

10. If you leave everything orderly and clean after yourself , you will automatically become our favourite guest.

We wish you a pleasant stay!
How to book
1. Review the visiting rules.
2. Contact us at +79113097790 (additional numbers +79261414477 or +79537500583).
3. Pay for the accommodation.
+7 911 309-77-90 (Alexander)
Additional phone numbers: +7 926 141-44-77 (Alexander), +7 953 750-05-83 (Artyom)
Russia, Murmansk region, Kandalaksha, Volosyanaya hill
GPS: 67.133686, 32.506912