What to visit when vacationing in Astashovo:
The way to Astashovo from Moscow passes through the town of Chukhloma.
This small town was founded in 1381 on the shore of the lake (although it is mentioned in some chronicles as far back as the 10th century) and is rich in examples of cozy wooden architecture that have survived to this day. The most famous sights of the city and its surroundings: Avraamiev Gorodetsky Monastery, Chukhlomsky Fortress, Lermontov Estate, Alexandrovskaya almshouse, Chukhlom Lake, Terem in Astashovo, Terem in Pogorelovo.
Avraamiev Gorodetsky Monastery
The Holy Protection Church of the Avraamiev-Gorodets Monastery on the shore of Chukhlom Lake was founded in the second half of the 14th century by one of the most outstanding disciples of St. Sergius of Radonezh, the Monk Abraham Galich and Chukhlomsky.
In 1918 the monastery was deprived of the right of a legal entity, and in 1929 it was finally closed. Archimandrite Serapion and the brothers were shot. In September 1970-1975 there was a partial restoration of buildings. In 1992 the monastery was officially revived.
Terem in Pogorelovo
Pogorelovo - a forgotten and abandoned village in the Kostroma region. Once this place was a rich village - many peasants earned decently and firmly stood on their feet. One such peasant was Ivan Dmitrievich Polyashov - a wooden master. One of the most important works for him was repair in the Winter Palace. Ivan Dmitrievich eventually became a large landowner and in 1903 built himself a house, now known as the "Terem in Pogorelovo."
The fate of the house after the revolution repeats the fate of dozens of estates of the Kostroma region - the house was requisitioned in 1918. Poliashov was moved to one of the rooms on the first floor, and a village council and several peasant families were placed in the house. In 1972 the village council closed and left Terem. The house would certainly have disappeared, if not a pure accident: the artist Anatoly Zhigalov in the same summer conceived a canoe trip on the river Vig. Seeing the house, Anatoly bought it (which was not easy) and thereby saved him from complete destruction.
Kologrivinsky Forest Preserve
On the territory of Kologrivsky region there is a unique relict relict, that is, a pristine spruce forest that has never been subjected to anthropogenic impact and forest fires. In dense fir groves, 350-400-year-old trees reach a height of 40-45 meters and a diameter of 80-120 cm. By decision of the United Nations, this site is included in the 100 most valuable forests in Europe. In the forest, hundreds of species of animals, birds, plants and fish rare for Central Russia live. In the spring Kologriv becomes a stopping place for thousands of wild geese and geese (this place is also called the goose reserve "Kologrivinskaya floodplain").