DublDom Astashovo
Among the forests and hills of Galich land near the Forest Terem Astashovo
Retreat near history
180 km from Kostroma, 2 hours by car
Astashovo - a place secluded: to the nearest village 8 kilometers. Walking around, it is easy to meet an elk or a wild boar, to see bear tracks or to pick up wood grouses from bushes.
In addition to the wonderful nature, in this land there is an amazing house built at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries - Terem Martyan Sazonov - former serf, carpenter, departing laborer, contractor and philanthropist. With the construction of Terem there is a romantic story. In 1894, Sazonov, who earned a fortune in Petersburg, was widowed and returned to his native village. Here he wooed to the daughter of a deacon from the neighboring village, Elizabeth Dobrovolskaya, who was younger than Martyan for thirty years. She was given a gift as a gift and was built a tower.
Terem was built in the era of rapid development of the Galich region. Sawmills, glassworks and brickworks grew everywhere. The revolution interrupted the development of the region. The new Soviet power did not build here, but the old one was gradually being destroyed. In the estate confiscated from the Sazonov family, the kolkhoz office was located. In the sixties, desperate to wait for roads and electricity, the peasants reached the city. The area around was depopulated, and the tower was abandoned and perished.
The new life of the estate began in 2011, when it was acquired by the Moscow businessman Andrei Pavlichenkov. Restoration, which took five years, was conducted by the architectural bureau of Alexander Popov using historical technologies. It was possible to recreate the complex architectural decor and preserve the features typical for the building style of the wealthy peasants - a combination of urban luxury with muzhik practicality. Antique furniture and objects of folk art collected in the vicinity, found their place in the interiors. Residential premises became a hotel, and a museum was located in the attic.
Guests of Terem can also stay at Double Domes DD65 and DD43, installed in the summer of 2017 by the team DublDom-Zhukovka.
Guests of Astashovo can take a stroll to the forest lake, where it is pleasant to swim in hot weather, book tours on quad bikes or snowmobiles, organize hunting, fishing or horse riding. You can visit excursions in ancient Chukhlom, Galich and Soligalich or canoeing to the picturesque village of Sludje, wander among the huts and barns and listen to the stories of grandmothers at tea. And you can not do anything and spend the whole day with a samovar on the balcony of the tower, or watch the logs crack in the stove, or, while lying in the font at the bath, watch the stars.
DD65 - 8-10 people.
DD43 - 4-6 people.
There is Internet in Terem.
Kitchen (tiles, dishes), toilet room with shower, comfortable furniture, bed linen, towels.
We can feed everyone hungry with breakfasts, lunches, dinners from Terem's kitchen (for an additional fee).
Guests staying in DubLodom can use the museum library, the cinema hall in the attic of Terem, and inspect the museum at a convenient time for them.
Excursions and walks on quad bikes / snowmobiles, including the neighboring Terem, located in the village of Pogorelovo.
You can heat the wood in the dow room.
Parking space
100 meters from DubLodom.
In the winter
Ski equipment rental. In the winter in the vicinity of Terem we lay a ski track.
In summer
You can stroll along the marked forest trails, take a dip in a small lake, located 2 km from Terem.
8000 - 13200* rub/night
* the exact cost of living depends on the dates you selected and will be sent in response to the application

check-in 14:00-20:00, —Āheck-out 12:00
Early check-in/late check-out is complimentary
Visiting rules
Observance of the following rules will make your holiday pleasant, and the life of people and nature around you is calm:
1. Protect the property of the Complex, including those transferred to you for temporary use.
2. Smoking, lighting candles in homes can not.
3. You can use alcohol, but we ask you to limit yourself to a reasonable measure.
4. Listen to music quietly.
5. Do not litter both inside the house and outside: the surrounding nature is part of the place where you are staying.
6. In the period from 23-00 o'clock till 08-00 o'clock, observe silence and do not cause inconvenience to other guests and visitors of the Complex.
7. Do not leave unaccompanied minors unattended.
8. Do not take actions that may cause harm to life and health for yourself or for other guests living in the territory.
9. Rest with pets should be coordinated in addition.
We wish you a great holiday!
How to book
1. Read the rules of the visit.
2. Fill in the form below.
3. After receiving the application, we will contact you to confirm the reservation and send the payment details *.
* The club reserves the right to refuse to live.
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Interesting places near Astashovo.
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Kostroma region, Chukhlom district, village of Ostashovo
GPS: 58.688099, 43.080398

How to get there: in the town of Chukhloma, at the intersection near the TNK refueling station there is the first signpost for the Astara's Forest Terrain, then the signposts are set so that it is almost impossible to get lost if you call)